The Black Tower follows the adventures of Crissy and Peter Povkin: two siblings who find themselves thrown into another dimension which has been torn apart by the Magical Revolution. This war involved eleven incredibly powerful magical figures who fought over territory and energy. The two children become deeply involved in the state of affairs in Paragon City, discovering that things are not as they seem.



My name is Laura Tryon. I write and illustrate Static Skies. I have also done several anthology comics for Love Love Hill. I was born in Ontario, Canada in 1988, and since I was a toddler I have had a passion for art. I graduated from the animation program at Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in 2010 and I currently work as an Illustrator/Animator. While animation, storyboarding and comic book creation are just a few of my favourite areas of interest, I tend to enjoy delving into almost all parts of the art spectrum.


Static Skies started out as a dream I had back in the summer of 2005, which I was lucky enough to document before I forgot about it. Since then I have been vigorously plotting, designing, thumbnailing and roughing out pages to prepare for the final product. While creating many other comic ideas previously, Static Skies is the only one I have ended up bringing anywhere near this far into completion, and the only one to become so close to my heart.


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